What is the Status of Hotel Debt Finance in 2023?

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HVS, together with our friends at Bird & Bird, AlixPartners and EP Business in Hospitality, are pleased to present our next online webinar which will pose the question "What is the Status of Hotel Debt Finance in 2023?" to be held on Wednesday 5 July 2023 at 9:00 am.

Over the last decade, debt finance has played a central and key role in supporting the growth and development of many operations. There are those who have been strong advocates for hotel debt finance over the past twenty years. However, has the landscape now changed?

In late 2022, there were fears that a wave of debt maturities, a recession and a growing risk-averse attitude would naturally lead to a reduced availability of finance. Hotel investors, it was argued, would have to grow more comfortable with the increasing cost of capital.

In our most recent webinar, we polled more than 400 attendees on what they considered to be the main barriers to hotel investment – a lack of available debt finance drew the most support. It is said they there is no shortage in the availability of debt finance. Is this true and is it likely to remain so through the year? How do lenders view the market?

Many experts say that it has been an education process as the cost of borrowing increases, as many still want the same deals as in the past. Is this the case or is the market evolving?

Overall there appears to be a cautious optimism so how does the picture look and what is the longer-term outlook?

We are delighted to be welcoming a select group of experts who can bring their expertise to the fore to provide clarity and insight. Presentations by Tim Barbrook, head of debt advisory at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott, and James Salford, partner at Bird & Bird, will be followed by a lively panel discussion moderated by Graeme Smith, partner and managing director of AlixPartners.

We hope you will be able to join us for this important webinar.

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